Thursday, January 7, 2010

Windchill temperature: 6 degrees

On the upside: 42 days to pitchers and catchers!

It is downright frigid and I haven't even ventured outside yet! I'm cold just thinking about it. I was toasty warm last night and comfortable on the new foam mattress cover. I have to figure out which pillows to use now, but I think it will be a major improvement in the long run.

I guess I should try to finish up Florida. Where did I leave off? I think I was telling you about the horrible service at the anniversary dinner. The next day was Boxing Day or Happy Katie's Birthday Day. It was also the day of the 'invasion'.

The 'small' party at the house that Joan and Bernard were throwing turned into over 75 people when all was said and done. Luckily, the food was catered so all we had to do was go pick it up. Ken made potato latkes and we did the whole crudités thing with the veggies we had gotten the day before at the Green Grocer. There were chips and dips and olives and hummus and crackers and cheeses and that kind of stuff but the big meal was just platter and serve. It arrived hot - thank goodness!

There was a huge carved turkey with gravy and trimmings. Tzimmes, string beans, cranberry sauce, rolls, and challah. There were about a dozen desserts ranging from fruit pies to chocolate cakes, to baklava and cookies. There were a few musical numbers done by friends and a good time was had by all!


  1. Mark wanted you to know that the Mets just go Jason Bay from the Red Sox, contract: 4 years & 65 million and a one year option for an additional, 14 million! How do you like that?
    GO JETS!

  2. 38 days to pitchers and catchers! Woo Hoo.

    Go Jets!

  3. Tickled to see the Caveman Charles picture. I made him put it up on his FB page too. I like the term "the invasion." And as for the cold ... you'd have been warmer if you stayed up north.