Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hello from frigid Amarillo!

It is a whopping 24 degrees here in Amarillo. With the windchill it feels like 12. The winds are gusting up to 25 miles per hour and there is a "light freezing drizzle mist" in the air. There is a wind chill advisory and we are heading out for dinner. At least the toad is 4 wheel drive!

We will be here tonight and tomorrow night and unless my computer gives me fits, I will have internet access until we leave. My plan is to finish up Florida and catch up so I don't always feel like I am behind. I don't know if I will keep blogging once I get home but I do know that it will be much easier to do when I have consistent internet access.

We are staying at Overnight RV Park and so far, we like it here very much. We arrived to sweet, friendly cats at the office, a free video lending library while we are here, and a book exchange. The only down side I can see is that we are near the airport and you can hear the planes going by overhead. So far there has only been one plane and we've been here over an hour. It actually sounds kind of neat (there goes another one) and I don't think it will interrupt our sleep. I'll keep you posted.

Tonight we are off to The Big Texan for dinner. I don't think either of us will take the 72 oz steak challenge but we are looking forward to a nice steak dinner! We are leaving Mom on board in the warmth of the RV and braving the forces of nature. Wish us luck!

See you later!
~ Kass

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  1. Hi There,
    Can't wait to see the boots on you and the socks on Ken. It is a balmy 7 degrees without the windchill and we expect to wake up to -2 with windchills of -15. Don't you miss the weather yet? It sounds like you are having a great time- see you soon.