Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sleepy Saturday

Hello again,

The rain has finally stopped but wow did it pour yesterday! We spent the day getting ready for the day somehow - and didn't get out of the RV until late afternoon. The honda was filled with my mom and her wheelchair, my laptop, the holiday cards I still need to write out, the 2 bags of knitting (one mine, one my mom's) and all the Christmas gifts wrapped and ready to go to Daagh and his 3 kids. We trucked it all over there in the POURing rain and unloaded the car under cover of umbrellas that couldn't keep up!

We had a lovely dinner made by Daagh (thank you again!) and then opened gifts - both Christmas and birthdays; one belated and one upcoming. Then we proceeded to have a birthday cake and then called it a night. At some point in there we lit the menorah with all the candles glowing as it was the last night of Chanukah. It was a wonderful evening!

The RV has a lot more space now that the gifts have been unloaded and we discovered one gift didn't manage to make the trip. Not too bad all things considered!

Today, we are headed downtown to wander around and check out the shops. At some point I need to get some laundry done (oh so exciting, I know) and then tomorrow we are off to Atlanta for another early Christmas dinner - this one with Ken's family.

I am off to write out more cards and try to get them in the mail on time.
Happy Merry Everything to everyone!
:) Kass

Friday, December 18, 2009

Good morning from rainy Georgia

Hello out there. How is everyone doing today? I am doing some housekeeping chores; paying bills, sending e mail and the like. It is pouring down rain and not conducive to a day of shopping in downtown Athens. There is no sign of it letting up, either. Oh well...

I am finishing up here on the RV and then I'll head over to visit with Daagh and family. We'll have a lovely dinner this evening and hopefully tomorrow it will be bright and sunny.

I'll try to post again later. Not much to report at the moment.

Have a happy day,
~ Kassidee

Georgia on my mind

Hello from relatively warm (50 degrees this afternoon) Georgia.

The good news is we got the microwave working again. Something about resetting the wrong breaker the first time around. (So not my department!) The bad news is the restaurant we planned to have dinner in last night has closed. The good news is we found a great Italian restaurant that had amazing food! The bad news is it is on the 2nd floor with no handicap access. I also can't seem to find a website for the place but I'll link a review I found - La Dolce Vita. The gnocchi was the most amazing I've ever had and the mushroom ravioli was delicious. Our appetizer was braciola and I ended the meal with a delectable chocolate souffle and cappuccino. Everything, including the service, was wonderful.

After dinner we headed over to visit Daagh and the girls. Ken didn't stay long but I stuck around and Daagh drove me back to the RV later in the evening.

While we have been having a fun time in the land of peaches, this morning we headed out to Anderson, South Carolina to go to my friend's sister in law's yarn shop. Sadly, YesYarn is going out of business (this week) but I'm glad I got to stop by and visit Margaret and also buy some more yarn. My stash is growing and I have lots of projects now to complete. I bought some more sock yarn and also yarn for baby blankets and sweaters. I meant to go back in with my camera to get a photo of Wellington the gray angora rabbit but sadly, I ran out of time.

We had a late lunch at Red Lobster - I was craving their biscuits and then headed back to Georgia where our plans for dinner had changed mid day. Instead of the family dinner tonight we will do that tomorrow night. This evening Ken and I took Tina and Ryan out for dinner at Thai Spoon. It's a cute little place in downtown Athens that has good food and is a comfortable place to hang out and get to know someone. It was a pleasure to finally get to meet and spend some time with Ryan. I hope he feels the same.

I spent some time back at the apartment hanging out with Tina and Katie and then Daagh before heading back to the RV. It is time for me to get some sleep but not before I leave you with today's billboard brought to you all the way from Anderson, S.C.

Beer Drinking...
Don't do half the harm of love makin'

The strangest part is that directly beneath that it said - Old New England Proverb!

And on that note, I bid you a fond farewell and sweet dreams.
:) Good night!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Welcome to the Peachy State

If only things were peachy. We arrived at a beautiful RV Park/Campground in Bishop, Ga. We are situated between my friends in Athens and Ken's family in Atlanta. We are staying at Pine Lake for 5 nights. It will be nice to stay put for awhile. However, there seems to be a problem with our electric. Our microwave/convection oven doesn't seem to want to work when plugged into the electric - but it works fine off the generator. Don't ask me! This should be interesting.

We are off to downtown Athens to grab a bite to eat and then I'll head over to visit Daagh and the girls. Tomorrow night we are having a family dinner and I will finally get to meet Ryan!

I will have computer access while we are here so hopefully I'll have something interesting to say. Today we drove through a town that is called "Between". You have to love that!

Today's quote that I saw on a billboard:

Recession 101
It's a test, not a final.

And that's the way it goes....
~ Kass

Change in plans

We are heading straight to Athens and will head to Whitwell on the return trip from out west. It's a good excuse to eat at Terra Nostra's again!

It is a beautiful sunny day and we are all ready to hit the road. I figured I'd post since I had internet. I got a few bills paid as well.

I am really looking forward to seeing my friends in Athens.

Have an awesome day!
~ Kassidee

P.S. This photo is for my 'Arlo' friends!

Close but no cigar!

Ok - so I thought I was in South Carolina when apparently I was actually still in North Carolina. Sorry for the confusion. I wasn't going to say anything because, after all, who would know? But that just didn't seem right.

We finally made it to Chattanooga (and yes, I'm sure that's where I am) but it took 2 detours and a few extra hours to get here. We came upon not one, but two, different rock slides that had the highway closed. It seems that there have been heavy rains and flooding and there are mini and major rock slides happening.

The town having the meeting has had the road closed for 2 months. People are having to drive over an hour in each direction out of their way to get to school and work every day.

We are staying at an RV park that is nice but has a few too many 'dont's' to it. It isn't a homey atmosphere. Rules are all fine and good but there is something to be said for leeway. I'm glad we are only here for one night.

We had a wonderful meal at Terra Nostra! I should have taken photos of the delicious little dishes that kept coming at us. It's almost like going for dim sum. You just keep ordering and they just keep bringing food. Their lamb chops are to die for and we had a wonderful assortment of dishes. Blue cheese puffs, giant scallops wrapped in bacon with a Bearnaise sauce, escargot bourguignon, pheasant breast wrapped in bacon, mustard chicken, blackened pork, trout in a yummy butter sauce over polenta, mushroom ravioli, Jamon Iberico ham with fois gras and a walnut and pear quesedilla to name a few. We haven't been there in 2 and a half years and yet, Ismael (the waiter), remembered us. He is just a doll and he makes you feel like you are their most special customer. I only wish we lived closer and could go there more often. It's probably just as well, for our waistlines as well as our bank account, that we don't!

We came back to the RV and I did some knitting and Ken went to bed early. We have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow. First thing in the morning we are off to Whitwell and then on to Athens. I am looking forward to meeting Tina's boyfriend, Ryan. I am also hoping to get to spend some time with busy Miss Freshman in College, Katie. I think I heard that Tina has half days on Thursday and Friday so we'll be able to catch up as well. It should be a wonderful few days!

Today's message was not on the side or back of a truck but on a billboard on the highway. I have no clue who's brand of what was being advertised but it read the following:

If you love it - lubricate it.

Can you make this stuff up? (I wonder what blogs will be suggested to me after this quote gets posted? LOL)

I'm going to add a few more photos to this post and then call it a night. I hope this finds everyone doing well and having fun. See you down the road...

~ Kass

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Foggy morning in the S.C. mountains

When I said it was foggy here - I meant it!

Good morning and happy 10 days until Christmas. Because I put out the 'Jesus' quote yesterday, the blogs that keep appearing for me to 'follow' are all from Christian Evangelists. Boy are they barking up the wrong tree! I guess I better write more about Chanukah.

Speaking of Chanukah, last night I wrote out some of the cards I brought with me and wanted to send. I am hoping to find a convenient post office today to buy stamps and if I am lucky, my friends will get their cards before the holiday is over! Well, it's the thought that counts, right?

We are packed up and heading out shortly for the hills of Tennessee. We will stop either today or tomorrow in Whitwell to visit the Paper Clip Project. Ken surprised me with a visit to this awesome holocaust memorial last time we were nearby and now we are bringing my mom. If you are ever in the area I strongly urge you to check this out. It's amazing! There is a documentary about it. Everyone should see it. (If you do, let me know what you think!)

Well, the slides are heading in and that means we are about to head out so I will hit send on this post and try to catch up with you later.

Have a great day!
~ Kassidee

Monday, December 14, 2009

Today's truck quote

Before I forget - I should tell you the sign that was emblazoned on the back of a truck going down the road today. In case there is any doubt that I am in the south, today's truck message was as follows:

Jesus Christ is Lord
not a swear word

And on that note - I'm off to bed.

Sweet dreams and Happy Chanukah,
~ Kass

P.S. Why don't lord and word rhyme?

The story of Grandma's Birthday (from foggy South Carolina)

I was asked to tell the story so I'll try to make it make sense in type. When I was a little girl, I asked Grandma how old she was. I expected a number but the response I got was, "I am 8 years younger than Aunt Laika." And that was as close to a birth date as my grandmother had when she was very young.

Fast forward to when she was about 10 and she and her friends started a little play group. They each chipped in a small amount of money every week when they met. It was used to purchase birthday gifts for the girls as their birthdays rolled around. My grandmother didn't want to be left out and so she picked the next week as her birthday so she would get a gift. That is how she wound up with her birthday being December 13th. We were never exactly sure how old Grandma was but we celebrated her birthday every year with her favorite cake - a strawberry shortcake (and yes, it was homemade!)

So here we are in South Carolina visiting with Ken's childhood friends. It's always fun to listen to their stories. Ken is cooking and the RV is parked in the driveway. Tomorrow morning we are off to Chattanooga so we can have dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. We'll be eating at Terra Nostra. From there it is on to Athens.

Speaking of eating - dinner is being served. I hope you enjoyed the story of Grandma's birthday. I'll try to post again either tonight or tomorrow.

Happy Trails
~ Kassidee

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma

Today is the day my grandmother celebrated her birthday. She didn't actually know her date of birth but this is the one she picked. There is a great story about how she picked it - ask me if you want to know :)

We are visiting with Evan and Julie and the boys today. Dinner is cooking and we are all just hanging out. I played Monopoly with Wes and Aaron earlier and this morning we were at the Hebrew School Chanukah party. We tasted an array of different latkes (potato pancakes) and also enjoyed the menorah contest. There were probably about 20 different menorahs that the kids made and each one received an award. I am sorry that I didn't take any pictures of them. They were very cool.

I am having issues with connectivity again but when I finally got through to Apple, I was told that my extended care plan had ended in June. It was suggested that I go look on the internet. I laughed since if I could get on the internet - I wouldn't need to be there looking for the answer. Of course, Evan has computers and so I was able to find a fix that seems to be working - so far.

Dinner last night was delightful. We went to Carrabba's and enjoyed a wonderful meal and had an awesome waitress. I think she said her name was Tamela. Her husband is in Afghanistan since April and she is hopeful that he will return this coming spring. They also have an 8 year old son, so please keep them in your thoughts.

Tomorrow we are off to South Carolina to visit with friends of Ken's. These are the guys he grew up with in California and it's always fun to see them. We will only be there overnight and then we are off to Athens to visit with Daagh and the girls. I will have internet access from the RV Park in Ga. I am looking forward to that.

I guess I should go now. I feel rude sitting here on the computer. I'd go into the living room where everyone is hanging out but I'm plugged into the wall here and I don't really feel like relocating.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We are getting rained on today and it rained all night. I keep thinking if we were home this would all be snow!

Merry, Happy Holidays!
- Kass