Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Close but no cigar!

Ok - so I thought I was in South Carolina when apparently I was actually still in North Carolina. Sorry for the confusion. I wasn't going to say anything because, after all, who would know? But that just didn't seem right.

We finally made it to Chattanooga (and yes, I'm sure that's where I am) but it took 2 detours and a few extra hours to get here. We came upon not one, but two, different rock slides that had the highway closed. It seems that there have been heavy rains and flooding and there are mini and major rock slides happening.

The town having the meeting has had the road closed for 2 months. People are having to drive over an hour in each direction out of their way to get to school and work every day.

We are staying at an RV park that is nice but has a few too many 'dont's' to it. It isn't a homey atmosphere. Rules are all fine and good but there is something to be said for leeway. I'm glad we are only here for one night.

We had a wonderful meal at Terra Nostra! I should have taken photos of the delicious little dishes that kept coming at us. It's almost like going for dim sum. You just keep ordering and they just keep bringing food. Their lamb chops are to die for and we had a wonderful assortment of dishes. Blue cheese puffs, giant scallops wrapped in bacon with a Bearnaise sauce, escargot bourguignon, pheasant breast wrapped in bacon, mustard chicken, blackened pork, trout in a yummy butter sauce over polenta, mushroom ravioli, Jamon Iberico ham with fois gras and a walnut and pear quesedilla to name a few. We haven't been there in 2 and a half years and yet, Ismael (the waiter), remembered us. He is just a doll and he makes you feel like you are their most special customer. I only wish we lived closer and could go there more often. It's probably just as well, for our waistlines as well as our bank account, that we don't!

We came back to the RV and I did some knitting and Ken went to bed early. We have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow. First thing in the morning we are off to Whitwell and then on to Athens. I am looking forward to meeting Tina's boyfriend, Ryan. I am also hoping to get to spend some time with busy Miss Freshman in College, Katie. I think I heard that Tina has half days on Thursday and Friday so we'll be able to catch up as well. It should be a wonderful few days!

Today's message was not on the side or back of a truck but on a billboard on the highway. I have no clue who's brand of what was being advertised but it read the following:

If you love it - lubricate it.

Can you make this stuff up? (I wonder what blogs will be suggested to me after this quote gets posted? LOL)

I'm going to add a few more photos to this post and then call it a night. I hope this finds everyone doing well and having fun. See you down the road...

~ Kass

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