Friday, December 18, 2009

Georgia on my mind

Hello from relatively warm (50 degrees this afternoon) Georgia.

The good news is we got the microwave working again. Something about resetting the wrong breaker the first time around. (So not my department!) The bad news is the restaurant we planned to have dinner in last night has closed. The good news is we found a great Italian restaurant that had amazing food! The bad news is it is on the 2nd floor with no handicap access. I also can't seem to find a website for the place but I'll link a review I found - La Dolce Vita. The gnocchi was the most amazing I've ever had and the mushroom ravioli was delicious. Our appetizer was braciola and I ended the meal with a delectable chocolate souffle and cappuccino. Everything, including the service, was wonderful.

After dinner we headed over to visit Daagh and the girls. Ken didn't stay long but I stuck around and Daagh drove me back to the RV later in the evening.

While we have been having a fun time in the land of peaches, this morning we headed out to Anderson, South Carolina to go to my friend's sister in law's yarn shop. Sadly, YesYarn is going out of business (this week) but I'm glad I got to stop by and visit Margaret and also buy some more yarn. My stash is growing and I have lots of projects now to complete. I bought some more sock yarn and also yarn for baby blankets and sweaters. I meant to go back in with my camera to get a photo of Wellington the gray angora rabbit but sadly, I ran out of time.

We had a late lunch at Red Lobster - I was craving their biscuits and then headed back to Georgia where our plans for dinner had changed mid day. Instead of the family dinner tonight we will do that tomorrow night. This evening Ken and I took Tina and Ryan out for dinner at Thai Spoon. It's a cute little place in downtown Athens that has good food and is a comfortable place to hang out and get to know someone. It was a pleasure to finally get to meet and spend some time with Ryan. I hope he feels the same.

I spent some time back at the apartment hanging out with Tina and Katie and then Daagh before heading back to the RV. It is time for me to get some sleep but not before I leave you with today's billboard brought to you all the way from Anderson, S.C.

Beer Drinking...
Don't do half the harm of love makin'

The strangest part is that directly beneath that it said - Old New England Proverb!

And on that note, I bid you a fond farewell and sweet dreams.
:) Good night!

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