Monday, December 14, 2009

The story of Grandma's Birthday (from foggy South Carolina)

I was asked to tell the story so I'll try to make it make sense in type. When I was a little girl, I asked Grandma how old she was. I expected a number but the response I got was, "I am 8 years younger than Aunt Laika." And that was as close to a birth date as my grandmother had when she was very young.

Fast forward to when she was about 10 and she and her friends started a little play group. They each chipped in a small amount of money every week when they met. It was used to purchase birthday gifts for the girls as their birthdays rolled around. My grandmother didn't want to be left out and so she picked the next week as her birthday so she would get a gift. That is how she wound up with her birthday being December 13th. We were never exactly sure how old Grandma was but we celebrated her birthday every year with her favorite cake - a strawberry shortcake (and yes, it was homemade!)

So here we are in South Carolina visiting with Ken's childhood friends. It's always fun to listen to their stories. Ken is cooking and the RV is parked in the driveway. Tomorrow morning we are off to Chattanooga so we can have dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. We'll be eating at Terra Nostra. From there it is on to Athens.

Speaking of eating - dinner is being served. I hope you enjoyed the story of Grandma's birthday. I'll try to post again either tonight or tomorrow.

Happy Trails
~ Kassidee


  1. Great story Kass, and thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thanks for the story. Good for Grandma not wanting to miss out on a present - love it!