Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Welcome to the Peachy State

If only things were peachy. We arrived at a beautiful RV Park/Campground in Bishop, Ga. We are situated between my friends in Athens and Ken's family in Atlanta. We are staying at Pine Lake for 5 nights. It will be nice to stay put for awhile. However, there seems to be a problem with our electric. Our microwave/convection oven doesn't seem to want to work when plugged into the electric - but it works fine off the generator. Don't ask me! This should be interesting.

We are off to downtown Athens to grab a bite to eat and then I'll head over to visit Daagh and the girls. Tomorrow night we are having a family dinner and I will finally get to meet Ryan!

I will have computer access while we are here so hopefully I'll have something interesting to say. Today we drove through a town that is called "Between". You have to love that!

Today's quote that I saw on a billboard:

Recession 101
It's a test, not a final.

And that's the way it goes....
~ Kass

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