Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sleepy Saturday

Hello again,

The rain has finally stopped but wow did it pour yesterday! We spent the day getting ready for the day somehow - and didn't get out of the RV until late afternoon. The honda was filled with my mom and her wheelchair, my laptop, the holiday cards I still need to write out, the 2 bags of knitting (one mine, one my mom's) and all the Christmas gifts wrapped and ready to go to Daagh and his 3 kids. We trucked it all over there in the POURing rain and unloaded the car under cover of umbrellas that couldn't keep up!

We had a lovely dinner made by Daagh (thank you again!) and then opened gifts - both Christmas and birthdays; one belated and one upcoming. Then we proceeded to have a birthday cake and then called it a night. At some point in there we lit the menorah with all the candles glowing as it was the last night of Chanukah. It was a wonderful evening!

The RV has a lot more space now that the gifts have been unloaded and we discovered one gift didn't manage to make the trip. Not too bad all things considered!

Today, we are headed downtown to wander around and check out the shops. At some point I need to get some laundry done (oh so exciting, I know) and then tomorrow we are off to Atlanta for another early Christmas dinner - this one with Ken's family.

I am off to write out more cards and try to get them in the mail on time.
Happy Merry Everything to everyone!
:) Kass

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