Monday, January 4, 2010

Mostly old (and not much) news!

I found one of the 'copy and paste' messages that never made it over here so I will start with that. It is dated 12/28/09.

The bad news is we left sunny Florida. The good news is this should be the last copy and paste for a while. We are heading to Lake Charles today (Monday) and the RV park there, although nothing to look at, does at least, have wifi. Take what you can get, I guess!

It’s 8:41 A.M. in sunny Boynton Beach, Florida and although it will get humid in an hour or so – for now it is a lovely clear morning. We are packing up and getting ready to go. So many little things to do. I did all I could and now Ken is finishing up and then we’ll try to maneuver the RV out of this parking spot we are in.

It will be a long 2 driving days to Louisiana but I started knitting Ken’s socks so I have what to keep me busy. The cats are trying to help Ken get ready so I guess I better go wrangle cats.

I’ll post ‘from the other side’ (of the Mississippi) and hopefully be able to catch up on the journey thus far. I hope wherever you are that you are having a great day. May we all get where we are going without complications!

See you down the road…
~ Kass

Back to the present - although dinner is almost ready so this may be short. (Yes, I know it's after 10 P.M. and we are having dinner - but it's been a busy last day in La.

I got my teeth cleaned this morning and that was a lovely and uneventful procedure. Oops - Dinner is being served in the main dining room - so I'll cut this short.

More soon, I hope!
~ Kassidee

Well - there was a slight issue with the html so this didn't post before I ate and so now I will just add on to the rest. I realized, as I thought about everything, that I am so far behind half of what happened today won't make any sense.

Here is my new plan. I will post this now and then go back to the day I stopped posting about life in Florida and then go forward until I catch up with myself! How does that sound?

Are you confused? Good - so am I!
~ Krazy Kass

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