Friday, January 8, 2010

Leaving Amarillo

Good morning and welcome to another frigid day in Texas. No hot water this morning - our pipes/hoses seem to have frozen. Oops. I guess the next time it's this cold we have to make believe we are home - and leave the faucets dripping. I hope there is no permanent damage.

I wanted to get on last night and tell you about our last full day in Florida but I couldn't get the internet up and running. I'll try to do it now, but we are about to head out and I don't know if I will have enough time to post the amazing photos.

We left Boynton Beach on Sunday and headed to Homestead, Florida. Ken had always wanted to go to The Coral Castle and here was his chance. Words nor photos can do this place justice. It is about a heartbroken man who spent the rest of his life creating a monument to his true love. The amazing part is that he used only hand tools, worked in secrecy, and lifted blocks of coral that weighed well over 30 tons! I urge you to check out the website because I would only be repeating what is there in my blog. I will add photos now and hope there is enough time for them to upload.
We had a crappy lunch at a supposedly 'good' Cuban restaurant and then headed back to Joan and Bernard's for a barbeque. Charles' brother and family were there as well and we all had a great time hanging out and eating chicken and hot dogs.

The next morning (Monday) was a travel day and we headed north and then west towards Louisiana. We spent the night in Mobile, Alabama at a Walmart that did not want RVs parking in their lot. When we woke up the next morning there was a car (very deliberately) parked in front of the RV in an attempt to make us unhook the toad and have to back up to back out. Luckily, we were able to make the turn and get out but boy was I ever pissed! I took a bunch of photos but I doubt I'll bother to write a letter. I almost went in and asked for the manager that morning - but I didn't want to get arrested in Mobile!

We are headed to Taos, New Mexico today and I believe I will have internet at the RV park there. Have a great day y'all!

~ Kassidee

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