Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday morning in hazy Lake Charles

We decided to stay an extra day here and so we won't be leaving until tomorrow. Today, I have a dental appointment at 11 A.M. I was supposed to get my teeth cleaned back home at the end of December and so I moved my appointment to our dentist down here. Luckily, he is a high school friend of Ken's. His wife also works at the practice and so we are getting to sneak in a visit with them as well. Sort of killing to birds with one stone.

I realized last night that I never filled in the 'missing' days in Florida. You haven't heard about the anniversary dinner or the 'small' party for 75 people at the house the next day. I'll try to fill in the blanks - maybe this afternoon since I can't imagine I'll have much to say about the dental appointment. [At least I hope I won't have anything to say about it!]

We are supposed to get together again with Matt and Annie and the kids and Ken is supposed to teach Victor to ride a bike. I am hoping to get on my bicycle as well since the week in Louisiana has added a few pounds to my waistline that I am NOT happy about! Tis the season and all that - but this is ridiculous!

Happy trails,
~ Kass

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