Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We have the technology!

Ok - The RV is inspected (detected, selected and neglected) and I seem to be actually putting posts out where they are readable but others. I guess I should let folks know I'm here doing this.

We are off to run errands and get organized (ha) and all the 100 last minute things there are to do before taking an extended trip in the RV. More about her later. At last call she was going by Gizmo but I'm not sure that is actually her name. We are open to suggestions!

Later Gator!


  1. Don't forget to post pictures from the road. Safe travels and thanks for taking us along with you, so to speak.

  2. If you're going to be on I-40 through Albuquerque, let's meet for lunch.

  3. Not sure what time we'll be passing through Albuquerque but I'll keep you posted (no pun intended) and thanks for the invite!