Friday, December 4, 2009

Flat tires and flat feet

We took the RV up to to Bob's Camper & RV to have the step mechanism looked at. We need a new switch so that the steps retract by choice as opposed to only when the RV starts. We'll work around this problem until our return. Of course, depending on how much the part is, we may learn to work around this problem for longer than that!

While we were there I got voicemail from a very good friend and found out he was in the hospital for an infection in his foot. He is diabetic and I can only assume that is where the problem started. Exit the plans we had for today - enter a rerouting of the plans to include a visit to the hospital before we leave town!

A world about Bob's - they are the nicest, most helpful and honest people you are ever going to meet. All that and a cat who sits on your lap and purrs while you wait to find out how much more money the RV is going to cost you before you even leave town. What more could a girl ask for? LOL

There is so much to say and so little time to type at the moment. More errands to run but now we'll run them further away from home and sneak in a visit to our friend. Please keep good thoughts for him - you can refer to him as Mr. McD. In addition to the infection, he is also anemic. Maybe I'll bring a steak.

- Kass

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