Sunday, January 17, 2010

What car trouble?

Good evening from Williams!

We did indeed go to the Grand Canyon this afternoon. I think that the whole cause of our problem may have been a bad tank of gas. Ken doesn't know what he thinks it was/is. He had disconnected the battery this morning and reconnected it, filled the car up with gas, and after a little while, the service engine light went out. We drove the hour or so to the Canyon and all around and back again without incident. We had decided to 'risk' it since we have free towing with Good Sam. My Mom had never been to the Grand Canyon and this was probably her only opportunity to do so. We decided it was worth the risk. Call us crazy.

It was a beautiful afternoon. Sunny and pretty warm, but very hazy for photos. Upon entering the park, we saw a coyote trotting across the road. He met up with another coyote on the other side. That was very cool.

We drove the loop and took Mom out at some of the lookouts. Some of the overlooks Ken and I went to together, and some I went alone. There was one area that folks with handicap plates can cross into that everyone else has to walk or take the bus to. That was a nice surprise. Mom had a great time, and so did we. Of course, Ken and I are doing it again tomorrow - but that is more about the train ride itself than about sightseeing when we get there. We are talking about hiking it one of these years - but I doubt that will happen.

On the way out of the park we came upon another coyote. This one was having dinner - munching on the leg of a deer. He sure was beautiful.

Here is one more photo taken today while driving around the park.

Before heading to the park, Ken and I had lunch at my favorite Williams haunt: Pancho McGillicuddy's. How can you go wrong with a name like that? We watched some football there while we ate Mexican food. The rest of the game(s) we listened to on the radio on the way to and from the park. We came home in time to see the end of the Jets game. We had a lovely dinner of steak and rice-a-roni and string beans, cooked by my favorite chef - Ken.

It's supposed to start snowing here in about an hour (it's 11 P.M. here) and continue to snow all week. We are still planning on leaving here Tuesday morning for the last leg of our journey west. We will be Nevada bound. Look out Las Vegas - here we come!

Happy Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend to one and all. I hope it's everything you want it to be!
~ Kassidee

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