Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Greetings from Las Vegas

It's midnight here and things are good. We didn't hit much 'weather' at all on the drive here. There were a few areas of some wind but nothing to write home about (or here, for that matter). There was no snow at all and it didn't start raining until we were right outside of Las Vegas. It stopped when we pulled in so Ken didn't get soaked connecting everything. He did, however, get soaked when he came back from his shower. It was pouring!

We drove through the Hoover Dam to get here. They stopped us and searched the RV before letting us proceed. That was interesting. It is quite an impressive sight when you come upon it. I have never taken the tour, nor gotten out of my vehicle there - but it's a great drive.

We stopped for lunch in Boulder City, Nevada. We ate at a little place called Milo's. It is a combination wine shop and bistro. The sandwiches were lovely and we bought a case of wine and 2 wine glasses. The glasses say (I think I am remembering this correctly) 'The journey is the destination'. Pretty cool - huh?

We are staying at the Hitching Post RV Park where we have stayed before. Everyone here is very friendly and they have an enclosed dog area. After we got settled in, we went over to visit my Dad. This is the first time we've seen him since he and Leslie split up. He looks good and seems happy.

I got my mail that had been forwarded here. Ken missed jury duty and one of our cars is now in need of registration but other than that, things seem up to date. Our holiday cards caught up with us and we got a few things for tax season. There weren't too many surprises, so that was good.

We are trying to figure out a plan for this week. Thursday we are seeing friends. Tomorrow, we are having lunch with Leslie. In the later part of the afternoon we'll spend time with my half sister's 2 children. Friday will be my other half sister and her kids. At least I think that was the plan. Somewhere in there I hope to see my cousins and Ziggy may drive over from California.

I'll let you know how this all unfolds. I'm going to grab a bite to eat and call it a night. I'll write more soon.

I wonder what happened in the Massachusetts election today? I guess I'll go google that.
~ Kassidee

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  1. Sorry to hear about your troubles, you are right the weather does follow you. If it is at all comforting it is -20 with the wind right now in the Berkshires! Be safe and look forward to seeing you all!