Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thank you, Barnes and Noble!

Hello everyone! Oh boy - 4 followers - I feel special. Thank you - whoever you are.

I have been without internet for 2 reasons. The first is that Birchwood RV Park where we are staying does not have internet access. The 2nd is far worse. Even when I had access to the internet I was having computer issues and couldn't get connected. I was getting an internal IP address. I was armed with phone numbers to call Apple and got to B&N and lo and behold - I have access and no issues. Go figure. Not that I'm complaining!

So - it is Saturday evening and my wonderful husband is sitting here reading a book while I check my mail and write to you. (Yes, in that order). When I am done here, we are heading out to dinner and then back to the RV for a quiet night.

Yesterday was a blast but boy are we exhausted! My friends Evan and Julie have an annual Chanukah party at their home. I believe there were about 50 people who showed up last night. Ken and I were in the kitchen with Evan most of the night cooking potato pancakes on 3 burners for 3 hours! The food was flowing and folks were having a great time. Thank you for the invite, guys!

Evan and I refer to each other as brother and sister. We grew up together in the same apartment building in Brooklyn and we are 6 days apart in age. We have too much dirt on each other to ever stop being friends! That, and we still really like each other!

Evan and Julie have 2 wonderful sons, Wes and Aaron. This afternoon we went to watch Aaron at a swim meet. That was a lot of fun. We were at Wes' meet on Thursday night but he wasn't swimming because he just had a cast removed from a soccer accident.

So far the trip really has been uneventful - which is a good thing. We left close to 'on time' Wednesday morning. We had been aiming for 9 AM and actually tried pulling out 10 AM but the tires were stuck in the 8 inches of snow that had fallen overnight. Ken had to get out and shovel the roof of the RV as well as shovel the tires out. It's a good thing we were already loaded on the RV with the critters and my mom! We were warm and cozy in the driveway overnight and it made getting on the road in the morning much easier!

We pulled out at 10:20 A.M. and drove through snow and then wind gusts that were throwing us all over the road. A few hours south and it was smooth sailing. We made it as far as Hagerstown, MD and pulled in to a Walmart parking lot for the night. We did some shopping, ate some dinner and got a decent night's sleep.

In the morning, Ken went back into Wallyworld to get a battery for the Honda because it was about dead. We got on the road by 9 AM and had a beautiful drive over the Blue Ridge Mountains and on into N.C. We got to the RV park just as it was getting dark and Ken managed to get the battery changed in the Honda before the sun set completely so no flashlight was required. We got the RV situated and went over to visit Evan and Julie. That is where I posted the short note from.

One item of note. Driving down the road I saw a truck go by in the opposite direction. In huge letters across the entire side of the truck was the following:


I thought it was worth a mention.

We slept very well Thursday night and spent yesterday helping get ready for the party. I cooked a corn pudding and Ken made a big pot of chili. We had a wonderful time at the party, eating, cooking, hanging out with old friends and making new ones. Everyone at the party was very attentive to my mom and every time Ken or I went over to see if she needed anything she had plenty of food and drink and lots and lots of desserts! She also had a wonderful time.

I know this is a long winded post but I didn't want to fall too far behind. I hope to have more regular access so I can go back to shorter posts with more detail. Tomorrow we are going to another Chanukah event at the Hebrew School the kids go to. Monday we hit the road.

I got a call from Eileen - my house is still standing. Thank you Eileen and Brian!
For Nancy - there was frost on the ground this morning and it's been chilly out. It is currently 38 degrees.

If anyone is still reading this - thanks! I know it's a bit long but at least now we are current! We are off to dinner and then a good night's sleep is in order.

Happy Happy Chanukah!
- Kass

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  1. Hi There,
    Glad to hear that you are having a wonderful trip and the weather is comparable to what is at home so I don't feel so bad. Happy Chanukah and Happy Trails!
    Take care.