Sunday, December 6, 2009

Snowy Sundays

Good day to you all! (Whoever 'all' may be reading this.)

It stopped snowing before we got home last night but there is still a nice coating of snow on the ground - just enough to make loading up the RV a pain. We did manage to accomplish some stuff so far today. There are piles of clean clothes waiting to get folded and put away ON the RV instead of in the house. That constitutes 'packing' in a manner of speaking.

I got a bunch of the gifts we are bringing with us wrapped - so they can head out to the RV. I purchased a mini-menorah so we can light candles on the road for Chanukah. I have to make sure Ken brings some matzoh meal so we can have potato latkes one night.

Our dear friend Eileen came by to pick up the keys and meet the plants she will water while we are gone. I am so relieved that she offered to keep an eye on the house while we are tooling around the country. My plants will probably do much better with Eileen on the job than either Ken or I. They won't want us to come home. Thank you Eileen!!

I have about 3 more hours before we leave for the cheesecake gorge - and I hope to finish wrapping all the gifts and moving them out to the RV along with some of the stuff I can live without in the house until Wednesday when we leave.

The dryer must be running because the living room is getting cold. (The thermostat for the zone is near the dryer.) Maybe it's Ken's way to get me motivated and off the couch. Maybe he is just drying clothes. Either way, I guess I'll take the hint.

More later, I hope.
Happy Snowy Sunday,
~ Kass

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