Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Long day, short post

I got less done than I wanted today and spent almost an hour on hold with Verizon and then over an hour on the phone with tech support only to have them tell me I have to call Apple. I called Apple and they were closed. Whatever happened to 24/7 tech support? Tomorrow I call Apple and if that doesn't work I call Scott! It's always good to have Plan B.

I did start packing my stuff and I cleared the table off and feel somewhat organized. Part of the problem is some of the stuff can't go out to the RV until we start running the heat so there is stuff all over .....waiting.

Speaking of waiting. I am waiting for the cats to figure out what is going on and start hiding on us. They really do have a 6th sense and even though we've been getting ready for days, tomorrow they will be no where to be found. I am trying to outsmart them by packing during the day and then going out to my book club meeting. When I return we will round them up and put them and my mom on the RV. Hopefully they will all be sleeping on the bed and will be easy to deal with. Only time will tell.

Ok - this isn't so short but now it's done. Good night and good news. I hope I don't need work done to the laptop. That would not be a good way to start the trip.

Are we there yet?
~ Kass

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