Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Heading home

It looks like we can finally make it home. We are leaving Chattanooga this morning and starting the long trek north. Wish us luck!

I have to keep this short because we need to get on the road but I wanted to include a photo from our trip to the zoo yesterday. We all had a great time and the weather held. We did not get rained on. It's not the biggest zoo you'll ever see but there was something very sweet and intimate about the place and the animals. I fell in love with Hank (a chimpanzee). I think we caught a photo of him giving me a 'kiss'. I'll see if it's worth posting when I have more time. If you are ever in the area - Wednesday is dollar day. Admission is only a buck. It's a great way to spend an afternoon. Below, is a photo of my Mom and a very friendly goat in the petting area.

We had another awesome dinner at Terra Nostra with the best waiter in the world - Ismael. I should have brought my camera - not only is he a great waiter, but he is easy on the eyes as well. He plays tennis by day and waits tables by night. I wonder if he is related to the owners - that would make a lot of sense! Anyway - he is tall, dark, (buff) and handsome with a beautiful accent. He completes the dining experience there in a wonderful way.

We are hoping to be home by Friday night. I'm not sure I'll have internet access again until we get back to the house. I will post when I can. Until then, I hope all your days are good ones!

~ Kassidee

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