Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back on east coast time and it feels so good!

It's nice to finally be back in my 'home' time zone. I do feel like it's not quite right to go cavorting through time zones. It even takes me awhile to change my watch when daylight savings time comes around (or goes away). Every clock in the house will be changed (by my wonderful husband) and I'll still be an hour off for a few days. It takes me time to adjust - I am not a big fan of change.

I am, however, a fan of adventure and learning. Perhaps it isn't that I don't like change so much as I do not like when things change 'for' me. I like changing them myself. Does that make me a control freak? Better not explore that here. I don't think there is enough time.

It is not currently raining so I think we'll go to the zoo. It seems the appropriate place to be on Groundhog Day. Oh yes - A very happy Groundhog Day to you! Poor little thing - all he wants to do is sleep and there are people waking him up to ask him if he's seen his shadow. I bet he didn't even know he was looking for it - so why would he know if he's seen it?

Does anyone know if he did, indeed, see his shadow this morning? I haven't heard. And why is it always a 'he' anyway? What's up with that? Where is Punxatawny Phyllis? Where is NOW when you need them?

OK - I do seem to be in a mood today. I better hit 'send' before I reread this post and delete it!

Have a fantabulous day and we'll see what I decide to write about once we get home. If this is any indication, it should be interesting.

~ Kassidee

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