Friday, January 29, 2010

Leaving Amarillo - again

Hello from the frozen wasteland that is currently Amarillo. We can't dump the tanks - they are frozen. We can't get more propane - the road to the tank at the RV Park isn't plowed. We can't watch TV - the cable snapped when Ken tried to see if he could disconnect it. (I guess the answer is yes - but only if he didn't want to use it again).

I am going to keep this short because the connection is so tenuous that I never know when it will just disappear. I have not been able to get on all day after a brief time on early this morning.

Ken spent the day outside the RV in frigid temperatures with a hair dryer and an ice scraper. The sheets of ice that were on the sides of the slides and on the tops have been melted and chipped away. We can now close the slides in the morning. We have decided to head south and then east to get out of here. Interstate 40 is finally open here again but we decided we didn't want to follow the path of the storm across three states. Apparently the roads are being plowed but not salted - so the layer of ice is still there to contend with. It is still better than yesterday and this morning when all roads leading in any direction from Amarillo were shut down. They were showing footage on the local news this afternoon of all the trucks, lined up and waiting for the highway to re-open.

We have been catching up on lots of movies and eating some fine jambalaya that Ken made with the Andouille sausage we had in the freezer from our trip through Louisiana.

Please keep good thoughts for our safe departure out of here in the morning. As soon as I have access again, I'll let you know how we fared.

Stay warm!
~ Kassidee

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