Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy Half Birthday to me!

Hello again,

I just realized that today is my half birthday.  Six months from today I will be turning 50.  I can't believe it, but it's true.  How did that happen?  Where did the time go?  I am so glad that I am celebrating life and honoring my Mom by doing what she loved as well. Traveling, enjoying good food, and most importantly - always trying to make the best of things.

The weather has been against us most of this trip but today is sunny and bright.  It is warm and comfortable - probably in the 50's. I am off to spend the rest of the morning shopping and walking around town. This afternoon we are headed for Blarney!

I am about week behind (still) in my posts but I will persevere!

I hope wherever you are, you are having a wonderful day.

Now that I have had my half birthday in Ireland, I am open to ideas to celebrate my 50th birthday in style back in the States with my friends.  Comment away!

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