Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sunny Tuesday in the Berkshires

Good day! How are you doing? We are sort of back to our idea of normal around here. We are continuing to find birdseed in interesting places. We apparently have some very industrious mice. I went to get a long sleeve shirt off the top shelf of my closet and I got rained on. Not only did the mice (you'll pardon the expression) squirrel away more birdseed up there, but they also ate a hole in the very shirt I wanted to wear! The good news is that we had two. I had one and Ken had one and they both shrank so much in the dryer that he gave me his. Luckily, the mice ate the smaller of the two so I still have the one that fits.

This discovery came on Sunday as we were getting ready to leave the house. I wanted the shirt to go under my Tipitina's t-shirt that I was wearing to the Superbowl party! Geaux Saints! What a game. We had a great time at Scott and Bonnie's - they really know how to throw a party!

Yesterday we both sort of reconnected with the house. We are about done unloading the RV and most stuff is back where it came from. I balanced all the checkbooks and went through all the mail that arrived while we were gone. Ken ran a few loads of dishes and silverware and we cleaned out the drawers and stuff in the kitchen. We are banishing the mice from our premises! Or at least, that is our hope! Am I ever glad we have lots of cats. Now they better earn their keep!

Today, we have to bring my mom for her annual mammogram. This spring will be her sixth year cancer free after she was diagnosed with breast cancer from a routine mammogram. GET TESTED. Her cancer was so miniscule when they found it, that the needle biopsy they did to determine if it was cancerous had gotten it all. She had surgery just to make sure, and had radiation for 6 weeks - but that was the end of it. She took Arimidex for five years and now she is cancer and medication free. We are so grateful.

She said the worst part of the whole ordeal for her was getting on and off the radiation table. Because of her M.S., it was very difficult for her to get on the table and scary to get off. She did great though, and so did the team working with her. OK - so they lost her one day and never made sure she got back in the cabulance and home again - but you can't have everything!

To make the day brighter, we are going out to lunch afterward. I don't know where we are going but I'll let you know how it was. It's a celebration of sorts. We try to remember to enjoy little things every day.

I have my annual physical this Friday. Jim is coming over Saturday and spending the night. Sunday is Second Sunday - our standing lunch plans with friends at an Indian restaurant where another friend works. Sunday is also Valentine's Day. We also have tickets to a benefit concert for Haiti that night. More about that next post.

Life is getting busy now that we are home. It didn't take long! We weren't home 12 hours and we had plans every weekend this month. And now I think I am busy the first weekend in March as well.

Nine days to pitchers and catchers! Let's go Mets!!!

Have a great day!
~ Kass

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