Saturday, February 13, 2010

Frigid Friday

We just got in and it's a whopping 17 degrees out. Woo Hoo - we're having a heat wave.

Tonight was the Rev Tor 14th Anniversary show and we saw lots of friends, and heard lots of good music. Along with the great tunes, we also watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. I have to say that with it happening every two years instead of every four years, it seems a little less special. On the up side, I haven't been watching that much television so I haven't gotten sick of the hype and the advertisements for it this year. It's the little things.

It's been a week full of doctor appointments. Mom had her annual mammogram and I had my yearly physical. I accidentally didn't move (or write down) her appointment with her oncologist so that will be next month. The good news is - I'm doing great. The not so good news is that the radiologist saw something he didn't like, and scheduled my Mom for a follow up mammogram in 6 months. It is the same breast they found cancer in 6 years ago. It is a thickening that may be indicative of heart disease, breast cancer, or, "It could be nothing." As Harry Chapin said, "Only time will tell."

I also started back up with my allergy shots and made an appointment to see the asthma doctor next month. They informed me that I was late making my appointment and should have seen him last month. I told them that would have been hard to do since I've been out of town for two months. Mom has a dental appointment Monday and my Remicade appointment is next Friday. I think that covers everything coming up in the medical department, but I could be wrong.

Last night I went to my knitting group again. I suggested we needed a name and I was told that one person already refers to us as 'The Knitwits'. I think it's absolutely perfect! It reminds me of my bowling team - 'Lost in Space'. You have to love names that really describe who you are.

The big news of the day is that I may be going to Disney World the first week of March. While in Florida, I also may get to go to pre-season Met game. Oh boy!

I'll try to post a bit more over the weekend and maybe put up a few more photos from the trip.

I hope this post finds you happy and warm - wherever you are.

Happy Weekend!
~ Kassidee

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