Monday, January 21, 2013

I think we are up to Saturday.  Let's see if I can remember where we have been...

We left Ashbourne at noon on Saturday and headed to Galway.  We spent the afternoon shopping and wandering around.  We had a quick bite at The Cellar which was very good and then were on our way again.  We decided to spend the night closer to Belfast so we didn't have as far to go before the Van Morrison show on Sunday night.

We found The St Anne's B&B in Sligo.  It was interesting in that it was more of a boarding house than a Bed and Breakfast.  The first thing we were told is that we could have the first B but not the second B.  We were told that it was difficult to find anyone to come in early in the morning so there was no breakfast.  Since I am not a huge fan of breakfast and we had to get on the road early, that worked for us.  The room was incredibly PURPLE!  There was purple everywhere you looked.  The bedspreads, the curtains, even the toilet seat!  Out back was a beautiful pool but it was a bit nippy for a dip this time of year.

The room had three beds - a double and two singles.  It was a large room but not particularly 'inviting'.  There was a communal room with a TV and a balcony for smoking.  The above mentioned purple striped toilet seat was cracked and held together with tape.  I just saw a review from October commenting on the taped toilet seat.

There were two other people that we met while we were there and neither of them was 'on holiday' and staying at the B&B which is why I think it is more of a boarding house at this point in time.  It was almost as if the lady of the house ran it and passed away and now her family is trying to carry on.  I have no idea what the real story is but that is as good a guess as any.

I will say that the room was clean and the bed was comfortable enough to get a decent night's sleep.  In the end, that is what mattered to us most that night so no complaints here.  Well - one....the internet didn't work upstairs and I had to sit outside in the cold or downstairs on the steps between the first and second floor to have a signal that would last about three minutes before I had to shut down and then reconnect to get it reestablished.  So much for St. Annes...

I think that about sums up Saturday.  More next time...

Good night!

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