Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's the 10th of January...

..and I still ain't had no sleep. One of my all time favorite Arlo Guthrie songs. I won't spend the time right now to tell you the impact that Arlo has had on my life. Some folks reading this already know and the rest of you will have to wait for posts written after this road trip if I am going to embark on that story.

Today did not start out in the best way possible. We awoke to find the door to the RV - open! We can't figure out how that happened but you can imagine our concern since we are traveling with 7 cats and 3 dogs. Two of the dogs are kenneled at night. The third was busy barking, and trying to get our attention because he knew something wasn't right. Next time, we'll listen to him. I guess it was something akin to, "Timmy's in the well" and that new commercial on TV where the guy is just ignoring the poor dog. Natchitoches is a wonderful dog and he stayed here to protect us instead of roaming around free - which I know he loves to do. Extra treats for him, tonight!

We did a head count of cats and we were down three. Luckily, the cat that would be the most difficult to get back (Thor) was still in his favorite hiding spot under the bed and I saw him right away. Had I not seen him, I would have been living in this RV spot until he came home - and it could have been a long wait. The last time he got out at the house, he would show up at the door but not come in. Every time I would stand up to open the door, he would run. I would put food out - enough so he wouldn't be too hungry but not enough that he wouldn't have to keep coming back for more. He managed to find a way in and out of the basement, and after 3 days of his not coming inside, we rented a have-a-heart trap and put it down there with some food inside. I know the sound must have scared him to death - but it worked like a charm. I'm not so sure if he'd gotten out here that we'd have ever seen him again. I'm SO grateful that I didn't have to deal with that. It would NOT have been pretty. (The photo is of the elusive, but lovable, Thor).

My friends can probably guess which cats got out - but for the rest of you - Joshua, Moses and Isadore. Mosey was on the steps to the RV when Ken went out and discovered the door was open. As soon as he swung it open, Moses came darting inside. We suspect it was Moses who pushed against it in the first place and got it open. We are assuming the latch didn't connect and although it was 'locked' it was on the wrong side of the latch. Ken went out looking around while I got dressed and as soon as I walked outside I found Izzy on top of the tire in the wheel well. I got a good hold on the scruff of his neck and although I tore my thumb open on the edge, I pulled him towards me and got him in my arms. I threw him inside the RV as Ken was calling to me about Joshua. Izzy forgave me as soon as I walked back into the RV by coming up and rubbing against me. He is a loner, but a love.

Joshua is another story. On our last big RV trip we were parked in a friend's cul-de-sac and Ken left a window open a tiny bit for some fresh air. Our cats are too smart for that and Moses and Joshy got out then, too. Our friends noticed, and were able to pick Moses up and put him back inside. Joshy, on the other hand, wouldn't let them near him (no surprise there) and so they called us. We were out eating lunch when we got the phone call. We ended lunch abruptly and returned to the RV. Once there, we went wandering around the neighborhood looking for Joshua. I discovered that tuxedo cats look very similar and though you think you know your cats - when they are in the street and missing - they all look alike! I almost stole a neighbor's cat. (Remind me to tell you a story about that!)

Anyway - we finally found Joshy under a truck near the RV but every time I tried to get close to him, he would run. He was so freaked out, that at one point he even hissed at me. Poor baby. I know it didn't help that other people were trying to 'help us out' and everyone was chasing him before we got there and even after we got back. I kept trying to politely tell them that he 'didn't do strangers' under the best of circumstances and they were actually hindering the chances of his return - but you know how people are when they are trying to be helpful. It isn't about you anymore; it's about them saving the day. (Or something like that).

I finally stopped being worried about Josh and tried to think like my cat. I knew he was there and I knew he was safe. I did the most logical thing I could think of. I got on the RV, opened the door, and called him home - just like I used to when we lived in Lake Charles and he was an indoor/outdoor cat. It worked like a charm and he came flying onto the RV as if he'd never been so relieved in his life. I know I was!

To make a long story short, (ha!) once Ken spotted Joshy today, he ran a bit closer to the RV and away from Ken. I opened the door and stood out of the way - called his name and in he ran. All cats were now present and accounted for. It was only then that I really started to tremble with the knowledge that I might have lost some or all of my babies. I am pretty good in a crisis - I don't fall apart until after it's over and there is time.

I put some neosporin and a Scooby-doo bandaid on my thumb and Joshy came over to sit on my lap and purr. It doesn't get much better than that! Natchitoches went over to smell Moses and make sure he'd come back 'ok'. Ken and I spent some time checking out the door and it's locking mechanisms. We'll make sure THAT never happens again!

Ken is currently out riding his bike. It is sunny but cold and I still have to actually get ready for the day. I sort of woke up in a hurry and didn't even brush my teeth yet! It's a bit past noon and I guess I should go do that.

I guess this is a pretty long (and boring) post but my cats mean the world to me and if you are going to know me and read my blog - you are going to have to get used to the occasional indulgence into the life and times of my pets. I love my dogs, as well - so no comments from the peanut gallery, please!

Here's to hoping that your Saturday is going better than mine started out going and that you have an awesome weekend!

~ (Crisis averted) Kassidee

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