Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My own cute cats

Here are six of the seven cats that are traveling with us. The 2 together on the left are litter-mates. Ishky and Iggy. (Full names: Ishkabibble and Ignatz). The short version of their story is that they fell through a hole in a ceiling at about 3 weeks old and their mom took off with her other kittens. I bottle fed them both and was supposed to only keep one. When it came time to give one up, I was in tears. Ken finally relented and said I could keep them both if he could name them both. They are very sweet cats.

The grey one in front and the orange one are technically my mom's cats. They are both rescue cats from the animal shelter/pound in Ma. The grey one is Izzy (Isadore) who was a kitten when we got him. We brought home Zeke (Ezekiel) the same day. He was already full grown but he was exceptionally sweet. They can usually be found curled up together, as well.

The last pair are Joshua aka Joshy and Moses. Moses is the white fluff ball who I inherited from my vet. They used to keep office pets and this one decided he liked 'going out'. He wandered into the day care center next door and would visit all the classrooms. The problem was they were on a busy road and so they decided to find him a home. Ken said his name should be Moses because he is always trying to get to the Promised Land. We were out of town when Moses brought home the black and white kitten. The kitten would run out from under the house when Moses was let out in the morning and then hide back under the house when Moses came home at night. He was so small he hid under the lawn mower, too. We named him Joshua because Joshua followed Moses. Those two were indoor/outdoor cats until we moved to Massachusetts. We used to live on a dead end. Now we are on a busy road. They aren't thrilled, but they adjusted.

Thor is the only cat not in the picture. He had a sister who was mostly black with a little bit of white. She was in my yard and hurt. She had abscesses on her legs. I brought her to the vet and 200 dollars later she still didn't make it. It was very sad. The next day I saw her brother. He was a lot harder to catch because they were both feral and he wasn't hurt. I got a 'have-a-heart' trap so I could bring him in and get him fixed. I figured even if he didn't stay with us, at least he wouldn't procreate. Well - he wasn't too keen on the humans in the house but he sure did like the 4 legged creatures. He would come out of hiding every time Moses and Joshua came in or any of the cats wandered through the room or when the dogs came in from outside. His full name is Thornton Wilder - but we call him Thor for short. He still isn't overly trusting of people but he will sleep on the bed now and let us pet him. He is very sweet but I think he still prefers 4 legged friends to the the 2 legged kind. He is white with orange spots and a ringed tail. I'll try to get a photo of him out here soon.

Now you have met the cats. I'll put up some photos of the dogs as well, the next time I get a few minutes. All donations to pet food and vet bills will be gratefully accepted! They are worth every penny but it sure does get expensive! LOL

I'm off to bed - have a great night!
~ Kass


  1. Hello! Just wanted to check in and say I'm enjoying your stories and pictures! All is well on this end with my family and friends.

    Your house said to say "hi" and although it misses all the activity, it is very happy that you are traveling and experiencing old and new friends! The plants are doing great, all except, "Mr. Walmart". I'm still trying to bring him back, but I think he's moving on! Love to you both...enjoy...hi to cats, dogs, etc!! Love, "Leenie"

    ps. I typed in "anonymous" cause I didn't know how else to send you a message. Tee-Hee!

  2. Hi Leenie! Thanks for the update on the plants and the message from the house :). I'm glad to know everyone up there is doing well. It's still overcast in Lake Charles and I remembered again why I preferred snow to this cold, damp weather down here! Looking forward to sipping hot chocolate with you when we return. I'm glad you are enjoying the blog. Hugs from all of us!

  3. Hi There,

    So glad you are having a wonderful trip and a Happy New Year to you all. It is cold and snowy in the Berkshires. Take care and see you soon.